Porcelain Veneers Warren, MI

Porcelain veneers in Warren, Michigan give hope to patients who wish to alter the shape, size, or color of their teeth, or cover certain defects. Veneers do not require as painstaking a process as installing a crown, and the receiving teeth are much more easily prepared. Often the motivation for having veneers in the Warren area is a cosmetic one, although in some cases they can be used to repair minimal tooth damage like chipping, or close gaps between teeth that are perhaps too small to benefit from a full orthodontic procedure. They may also be used to augment teeth that suffer natural wearing.

Veneers give the option of an easily performed and relatively minor dental procedure which addresses the need for slight cosmetic and practical adjustments. Veneers are useful in covering discoloration or malformation of teeth where other whitening solutions or reshaping techniques may not be ideal. They are also useful in hiding the discoloration that can sometimes result from other dental procedures, particularly where resin fillings may be visible. They can provide a full, symmetrical, and healthy appearance to teeth that are otherwise imperfect.

Veneers can be created with a composite resin, applied directly to the tooth, or made out of a porcelain “shell” or façade which is bonded to the outward face of the tooth. The receiving tooth’s surface must be prepared by removing a certain amount of enamel. As a certain percentage of the tooth enamel must be removed, and as enamel does not grow back, this irreversible procedure must be given due consideration.

Porcelain veneers, if well cared for can last up to ten years and in some cases longer. They are typically durable, natural looking, and stain resistant, although it is often suggested that the wearer avoid tea, coffee, red wine and other food products that might cause discoloration. Veneers do not require any special care other than what is considered normal good oral hygiene, although over time they may need particular attention from your dentist in matters of upkeep or replacement.